“By the time you have entered a building, you have already made hundreds of unconscious assessments based on your experiences. You will take your cues from your primary senses; sight and sound.

The audio experience within your business is more than just background noise. It can create a multitude of emotions & guide your customers to experience and interact with your business based on the memories and the feelings they engender.

Rattlefish is more than music. It’s the collective experience of accomplished and acclaimed musicians, producers & DJs that create an identity to your audio brand that is beyond the component parts within it.” We create an identity that will define your brand beyond expectation and ensure your customers remember it.


  • Online music & content delivery system with a database of over 30 million tracks available.
  • Bespoke audio soundscape & music playlist design service.
  • Audio Brand developement, identifying moods and emotions to fit your brand message.
  • Playlists mixed seamlessly, blending between time frames, customer periods and spaces within a venue
  • Writing & production service, including original material, adverts and soundscapes.
  • Expertly created by our team with credits that include two internationally acclaimed DJs that have worked within the corporate world as well as DJing for the best clubs around the world to 1000’s of people. Music producers who have written UK top 10 hits and been responsible for working on over 40 UK no.1 hits over the last 7 years specifically catering for dance floors across the UK. Credits in music for film, TV and radio for clients such as Rimmel, BBC1 and more.
  • On site live performances including in-house DJs managed by us to ensure brand focus and singers, accoustic artists and more
  • Online and physical music presence with bespoke CDs, online music creativity and a wealth of other tools.
  • Global brand integration between local locations and head office content.
  • We aim to be reliable, efficient and co-operative in our work to ensure you get the best possible service.